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last updated Jan. 19, 2010
published Sept. 1, 2006
Poll No. 60, Sept. 2006 - 6 months on the Formation of the 10th Palestinian Government
Read more:  national unity, governance, unity government, Palestinian politics, Palestinian politicians, political factions, public opinion
Summary: Six months after the formation of the current government, the majority supports the formation of a national unity government as a way out of the current crisis; popularity of Fatah and Hamas are almost the same as the public loses confidence in the political leaders

* A public opinion poll conducted by the Jerusalem Media and Communications Center (JMCC) during the period between 19 and 22 September 2006 shows that the majority of the sample (55.9%) support the formation of a national unity government of all factions as a way out of the current crisis while (15.2%) view the solution in holding early legislative and presidential elections and (13.5%) of the Palestinian public say dissolving the PNA is the best option to get out of the crisis.  

* The poll with a sample of 1,200 persons (760 in the West Bank and 440 in Gaza Strip) showed that the two major Palestinian factions Fateh and Hamas enjoy almost the same degree of popularity. When asked to which faction they would vote in case the elections are held today, (32%) of the respondents said they would vote for Fatah and (30.5%) of the sample said they would vote for the Change and Reform Bloc whereas (21.9%) said they will not participate in the elections.    

* When asked to what extent they trust the Palestinian political figures, the opinions of the respondents varied on this matter but the majority (28.3%) said they don’t trust anyone while the main political leaders on the arena got varying degrees of trust with the current PM Ismail Haniyeh coming in the first place with (18.9%) followed by President Mahmoud Abbas who got the trust of (14.5%) of the Palestinian public. Marwan Barghouthi, Fateh Secretary who is detained in the Israeli prisons, came in the third place with (4.5%) followed by Head of Hamas Politburo Khaled Mash'al who got 3.3%.    

* With regards to the performance of the current government, significant decline was noted at the level of assessing the performance when compared with a similar poll conducted by the JMCC three months ago. (27.5%) said that the performance of Council of Ministers is good in this poll compared to (21.8%) in September 2006. During the same period, the percentage of Palestinians who said the performance of the Palestinian Legislative Council is good declined from (32.2%) to (24%). The general performance of the security services also witnessed same trend from (23.1%) in June 2006 to (16.8%) in September 2006. These results come at a time when the strike of the civil servants continues because of no salaries. When asked about their opinion on the strike, the majority of the respondents (63.6%) expressed sympathy with the strike while (15.1%) said they were not sympathetic with the strike.

* Jerusalem Media and Communications Center explored the viewpoints of the public on the issue of the recent Israeli war on Lebanon and the Hezbollah experience in resistance. (76.3%) of the respondents said Hezbollah won in the Lebanon war while only (2.3%) said Israel won in that war and  (18.8%) said neither party achieved a decisive victory. On the possibility of cloning Hezbollah experience in resistance in action inside the Palestinian territories, (59.3%) supported the idea while (31.7%) opposed it. When asked about their viewpoint on deployment of international troops in the PNA territories similar to the situation in South Lebanon, (34.7%) supported the idea while (60.5%) opposed the presence of such troops.     
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