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last updated Jan. 19, 2010
published Dec. 1, 2005
Poll No. 55, December 2005 - On Palestinian Attitudes Towards The upcoming legislative elections and other Political Issues
Read more:  parliament, elections, factions, Palestinian politicians, Palestinian Legislative Council, Palestinian Authority, peace process, public opinion
Summary: Significant Opinion results

* Political affiliation and religious grounds, as bases for choice of candidates in the upcoming PLC elections, rose (32.6%, 14.5% respectively compared with (27.7%) and (10.0%) in May 2005) at the expense of personal competence which decreased from (58.3%) in May 2005 to (45.2%) in December 2005.  

* There remains a considerable majority of Palestinians (68.2%) who want to participate in the upcoming PLC elections although the ratio was higher in May 2005 (75.1%).

* The majority of the Palestinians expect the upcoming PLC elections to be honest (52.7%) while 39.9% expect the elections to be dishonest.

* The poll shows there is a slight increase in general optimism towards the future reaching (68%) in December 2005 compared with (61.3%) last May.

* With regards to the Palestinian figure trusted most by the Palestinian public, Mahmoud Abbas “Abu Mazin” remains the top figure with a ratio of (15.5%) compared with (24.8%) in May 2005. Marwan Barghouthi got the second ranking with a ratio of (7.8%). Mahmoud Zahhar and Mohammed Dahlan got the third rank with a ratio of 5.8% each. A considerable ratio of 31.1% of Palestinians continues not to trust any figure.

* A considerable ratio of Palestinians (45.1%) believe that the economic conditions since Abu Mazin became President of the PNA has not changed and a ratio of (30.8%) of Palestinians said the economic conditions got worse during the same period.

* A significant majority of Palestinians (73.1%) believe Hamas decision to participate in the upcoming PLC elections is a positive step and (61.3%) believe that if Hamas becomes part of the PLC, it will abide by the decisions taken by the majority of the PLC members.  

* The poll shows that a ratio of (40.2%) of the Palestinians believe the third party or path along side Fatah and Hamas must be from independent figures while (26.4%) say there is no need for a third party.

* With regards to the political situation of the Palestinian people since Abu Mazin assumed office, a ratio of (50.5%) said the situation remained the same while those who believe the situation got worse rose from (13.1%) in May 2005 to (22.2%) this December.

* On the reasons for the recent increase in security chaos incidents, a ratio of (41.5%) say the poor performance of the PA and its security services is the main reason while (33.1%) say the reason is because some groups exploit the political situation to evade the law and order. 
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