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last updated Jan. 19, 2010
published Jan. 10, 2003
Poll No. 49, October 2003 - Public Opinion Poll on Palestinian Attitudes Towards the Palestinian Situation After the Third Anniversary of the Intifada
Read more:  peace process, factions, Palestinian politics, Palestinian politicians, resistance, armed resistance, reform, governance, public opinion
Summary: Significant Opinion Results

• A majority of Palestinians believes it is of Palestinian interest to renew a ceasefire; yet, the majority remained supportive of continuing negotiations along with al-Aqsa Intifada and its military operations as a suitable response during the current political situation.

• Most Palestinians are split on the goals of the Intifada: establishing an independent Palestinian state based on UN-SC 242 or liberating all of historic Palestine. Also, most Palestinians are divided on whether the Intifada would achieve its goal.

• A great majority of Palestinians have become pessimistic that a peaceful settlement of the Arab-Israeli conflict would be reached, but Palestinians believe the peace process is somehow alive.

• Most Palestinians believe an international presence in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT), with authorities and powers, would contribute to solving the problem with Israel, but do not trust the United States to solely take that role. Most Palestinians prefer either a United Nations presence or a joint U.S.-European presence.

• The majority of Palestinians do not feel the presence of the Palestinian Authority after Israel re-occupied the OPT, but say it is of national interest to maintain the PA though the majority evaluate its performance as bad saying the recent Palestinian emergency government was unjustified.

• The majority of Palestinians said former Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas did not influence the peace process or reform, and blamed the quick downfall of his government first on Israeli escalations and second on President Yasser Arafat.

• Most Palestinians are divided on President Arafat’s performance, but say they expect Palestinians to re-elect him if elections take place. Although Arafat and his mainstream Fateh faction remain the most trusted, a similar percentage of Palestinians do not trust any figure or group.
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