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last updated Feb. 9, 2007
Haifa is a/an Israeli city in Haifa District of Israel. It is administered by Israel.
 Year  Population  Area  Governorate  Region  State  Type 
2007264942Haifa DistrictIsrael IsraelIsraeli city
1995255914Haifa DistrictIsrael IsraelIsraeli city
1983225775Haifa DistrictIsrael IsraelIsraeli city
197221955954305Haifa DistrictIsrael IsraelIsraeli city
1961183021Haifa DistrictIsrael IsraelIsraeli city
194872848HaifaPalestine British MandateMixed locale
1945138300HaifaPalestine British MandateMixed locale
Population sources and information
British Mandate census data includes Ahuzat Sir Herbert Samuel
Haifa is the site of a famous Bahai Temple, a UNESCO World Heritage site situated in the heart of the city. It also is known for its blend of Jewish and Arab residents living in mixed neighborhoods.

Set high on Mount Carmel, the city predates ...
Yonah Yahav, Mayor, Our Haifa for Yonah Yahav
Hadva Almog, Municipal council member, Our Haifa for Yonah Yahav
Israel Savion, Municipal council member, Labor with Israel Savion - Pensioners, Women and Children
Julia Gabi, Municipal council member, Haifa Beitenu
Rami Levi, Municipal council member, Likud
Fathi Faranhi, Municipal council member, Hadash
Rami Dotan, Municipal council member, Our Haifa for Yonah Yahav
Miriam Erez, Municipal council member, Our Haifa for Yonah Yahav
Shmuel Gelbhart, Municipal council member, Greens of Haifa
Yaron Hanan, Municipal council member, Greens of Haifa
Zeev Silas, Municipal council member, Greens of Haifa
Dani Kupersmidt, Municipal council member, Haifa Beitenu
Alexander Safran Pavlotski, Municipal council member, Haifa Beitenu
Yaakov Borovski, Municipal council member, Transform Haifa
Rut Eilon, Municipal council member, Transform Haifa
Yaniv Ben Shoshan, Municipal council member, Transform Haifa
Shimshon Aidan, Municipal council member, Likud
Menachem Gad Landau, Municipal council member, Labor with Israel Savion - Pensioners, Women and Children
Shai Blumenthal, Municipal council member, Mafdal
Adana Zartski-Tolidano, Municipal council member, Hadash
Eliezer Kols, Municipal council member, Natu
Oded Donitz, Municipal council member, Natu
Shlomo Gilboa, Municipal council member, Shinui (Change)
Yigal Meor, Municipal council member, Shinui (Change)
Arieh Blitnatal, Municipal council member, Yehudot HaTorah
Mordechai Michael Alpher, Municipal council member, Yehudot HaTorah
Shai Avuhtsira, Municipal council member, Haifa Youth
Uri Greenburg, Municipal council member, Haifa Youth
Avraham Weissman, Municipal council member, Shas
Walid Khamis, Municipal council member, Shas
Eliahu Landau, Municipal council member, 
News on Haifa
Arab cinema comes to Jaffa and Haifa
Israel stations missile interceptor in north
Turkey says ties with Israel fraught despite fire aid
Israeli officials under fire as deadly blaze rages
Huge Israel forest fire kills dozens -rescue services
VIEW: A walk through the Khalidi library


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