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Thursday Aug. 12, 2010 11:29 AM (EST+7)
Arab MK calls video release 'incitement'

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RAMALLAH, August 12 (JMCC) - Parliamentarian Haneen Zoabi has called a video released by the Israeli military further incitement against her and other Arab Knesset members.

The video is several minutes long, showing Zoabi on board the Gaza-bound Mavi Marmara as it was being boarded by Israeli troops, resulting in the deaths of nine activists.

The military says that the video proves that Zoabi knew that the activists were armed, refuting her claims that Israeli marines attacked civilians without provocation. It also said that she was trying to prevent the wounded from being taken to Israeli hospitals.

What is happening is new attempts to incite against us and to distract from the real crime, Zoabi told She said she has asked the government's legal department to compel the military to release the full video, which was edited from footage shot by the activists themselves, and confiscated by Israeli officials.

The video clip is short and selective - just minutes from a long voyage, says Zoabi. It does not show anything except that I was translating the refusal of some of the wounded who did not speak Hebrew to be transferred to Israeli hospitals.

The Knesset member also questioned the timing of the tape's release during leaders' testimony before an independent commission into the flotilla boarding.  The tape accuses the victim, rather than the offender.

After the flotilla debacle, Zoabi was censured in the Knesset for her participation in the aid fleet set to break Israel's blockade of the Gaza Strip. She was stripped of her diplomatic immunity and her diplomatic passport.

Nevertheless, Zoabi says she is prepared to participate in another flotilla in order to break the siege of injustice on the Gaza Strip.






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