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Thursday Sept. 2, 2010 10:39 AM (EST+7)
Palestinians shown bound on Facebook found, recall incident

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RAMALLAH, September 2 (JMCC) - The Palestinians shown bound and blindfolded in an Israeli soldier's Facebook photos have been identified by an Israeli human rights organization. They remember the incident in which their photo was taken by soldier Eden Aberjil, and at least once has fallen ill since the photos were published in the press.

The Palestinians, three members of the Abu Salah family in Beit Hanoun in Gaza, were detained and held in March 2009.

During that half hour, a group of female soldiers arrived. One of them was Eden Aberjil. I heard the voices of several female soldiers laughing and shouting, says Eid. Guessing from the sound there were about 10 of them. One of them sat next to me and asked, 'What's your name?' I answered, 'Eid'.

She told me, 'You are a terrorist'. Then she told me to sit on another block, next to my uncle Asad, and she sat down between us. She told my uncle: 'You are Osama bin Laden.' Then she grabbed me by my beard and said, 'You are Osama bin Laden's son and are a terrorist just like him.' Then I heard to the clicks of cameras and the soldier told her friend, 'Sawri, sawri,' which means 'take a picture' in Arabic.

All the soldiers were Jewish, why did they speak to each other in Arabic?

I don't know why. They spoke to each other in mixed Arabic and Hebrew. She stuck to me and asked her friend to take a picture. At one point the soldier grabbed me by the head and planted a kiss on my right cheek. There was the sound of a camera then as well.

How did you feel when she kissed you?

I cried. It was difficult. I was already married and the father of a son. I felt scared, sad. She posted one photo on the internet, but there were no less then 10 pictures with me.

Did you try to resist verbally? To tell the solider something?

What could I say? Every time I tried to say something, the soldiers hit me.

How did it end?

They questioned us, and in the end me and my brother Muhammad were released.

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