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OPT localityOPT governorateOPT regionPalestinian office or organizationillegal Israeli settlement
Israeli localityIsraeli districtIsraeli regionIsraeli office or organization 
Other localityOther governorateOther regionOther office or organization 
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Locality Kaabina
Locality Kefar Masaryk
Locality Khirbat Rafat
Locality Kaabiya
Locality Kefar Menahem
Locality Khirbat Ras Atiya
Locality Kabara
Locality Kefar Monash
Locality Khirbat Safa
Locality Kabri
Locality Kefar Mordechai
Locality Khirbat Samah/Eilon
Locality Kabri
Locality Kefar Netter
Locality Khirbat Sasa
Locality Kabul
Locality Kefar Pines
Locality Khirbat Sir
Locality Kaddim
Locality Kefar Rosh HaNiqra
Locality Khirbat Tall al-Ghar
Locality Kaddourah Refugee Camp
Locality Kefar Rozenwald
Locality Khirbat Tura al-Gharbiyya
People Kaddumi, Farouq
Locality Kefar Ruppin
Locality Khirbat Um Burj
Office Kadima
Locality Kefar Rut
Locality Khirbat Um Sabuna
Locality Kadoorie
Locality Kefar Sava
Locality Khirbat Yamma
Locality Kafa
Locality Kefar Shammai
Locality Khirbat Zalafa
Locality Kafr Abbush
Locality Kefar Shemaryahu
Locality Khirbet Abu Falah
Locality Kafr al-Deik
Locality Kefar Shemuel
Locality Khirbet Abu Hamid
Locality Kafr al-Labbad
Locality Kefar Silver
Locality Khirbet al-Deir
Locality Kafr Ana
Locality Kefar Sirkin
Locality Khirbet al-Fakheit
Locality Kafr Aqab
Locality Kefar Szold
Locality Khirbet al-Hasaka
Locality Kafr Bara
Locality Kefar Tapuah
Locality Khirbet al-Kharaba
Locality Kafr Birim
Locality Kefar Tavor
Locality Khirbet al-Mantara
Locality Kafr Dan
Locality Kefar Truman
Locality Khirbet al-Maqura
Locality Kafr Ein
Locality Kefar Uriya
Locality Khirbet al-Marajim
Locality Kafr Inan
Locality Kefar Vitkin
Locality Khirbet al-Muntar al-Gharbiya
Locality Kafr Jammal
Locality Kefar Warburg
Locality Khirbet al-Muntar al-Sharqiya
Locality Kafr Kama
Locality Kefar Weradim
Locality Khirbet al-Nahla
Locality Kafr Kanna
Locality Kefar Yabez
Locality Khirbet al-Rahwa
Locality Kafr Lam
Locality Kefar Yedidya
Locality Khirbet al-Ras al-Ahmar
Locality Kafr Laqif
Locality Kefar Yehezqel
Locality Khirbet al-Sheikh Said
Locality Kafr Malik
Locality Kefar Yehoshua
Locality Khirbet al-Tabban
Locality Kafr Manda
Locality Kefar Yehtzhaq
Locality Khirbet al-Tawamin
Locality Kafr Misr
Locality Kefar Yona
Locality Khirbet al-Tayyah
Locality Kafr Nima
Locality Kefar Zeitim
Locality Khirbet Asafi
Locality Kafr Qad
Locality Kelil
Locality Khirbet Atuf
Locality Kafr Qaddum
Locality Kemehin
Locality Khirbet Bir al-Idd
Locality Kafr Qalil
Document & map Kept in the Dark, Btselem and HaMoked report, October 2010
Locality Khirbet Bism
Locality Kafr Qari
Locality Keramim
Locality Khirbet Deir Shams
Locality Kafr Qasem
Locality Kerem Ben Shemen
Locality Khirbet Ghuwein al-Fauqa
Locality Kafr Rai
Locality Kerem Ben Zimra
Locality Khirbet Humsa
Locality Kafr Rumman
Locality Kerem Maharal
Locality Khirbet Jamrura
Locality Kafr Saba
Locality Kerem Shalom
Locality Khirbet Jubara
Locality Kafr Sabt
Locality Kerem Yavne
Locality Khirbet Kafr Sheiyan
Locality Kafr Sumei
Locality Kesalon
Locality Khirbet Kharruba
Locality Kafr Sur
Locality Khader
Locality Khirbet Marah al-Raha
Locality Kafr Thulth
Locality Khairiya
Locality Khirbet Masud
Locality Kafr Yasif
People Khaled, Latifa Yusef
Locality Khirbet Mushrif
Locality Kafr Zibad
People Khaled, Taisir
Locality Khirbet Qeis
Locality Kafra
Locality Khalet al-Numan
Locality Khirbet Sabein
Locality Kafrain
People Khalifa, Suhaila Yusef
Locality Khirbet Salama
Locality Kahal
Locality Khalisa
Locality Khirbet Sarra
Locality Kallanit
Locality Khallet Afana
Locality Khirbet Sarura
Locality Kalya
Locality Khallet al-Aqed
Locality Khirbet Shuweika
People Kamal, Zahira
Locality Khallet al-Balluta
Locality Khirbet Sir
Locality Kamane
Locality Khallet al-Haddad
Locality Khirbet Suruj
Locality Kammon
Locality Khallet al-Louza
Locality Khirbet Susa
Locality Kanaf
Locality Khallet al-Maiya
Locality Khirbet Tana
Locality Kannot
Locality Khallet al-Masafer
Locality Khirbet Tawil al-Shih
Locality Kaokab Abu Al-Hija
Locality Khallet al-Qaranin
Locality Khirbet Tell al-Himma
Locality Karatiya
Locality Khallet Arabi
Locality Khirbet Tuqu
Locality Kardala
Locality Khallet Edar
Locality Khirbet Yarza
Locality Karkom
Locality Khallet Hamad
Locality Khirbet Zanuta
Locality Karkur
Locality Khallet Hamameh
Locality Khisas
backgrounder Karm abu Salem crossing
Locality Khallet Sakariya
Locality Khisas
Locality Karma
Locality Khallet Salih
Locality Khiyam al-Walid
Locality Karme Yosef
Locality Khamajat
People Khouri, Bassam
Locality Karmei Zur
Locality Khan al-Ahmar
People Khouri, Hind
Locality Karmel
Locality Khan al-Duwair
Locality Khubbayza
Locality Karmiel
Locality Khan Danoun Refugee Camp
Locality Khulda
Locality Karmil
Locality Khan Eshieh Refugee Camp
Locality Khuljan
Locality Karmiya
Locality Khan Younis
Locality Khunayzir
Locality Karne Shomron
Governorate or Local Council Khan Younis
Locality Khursa
Locality Kashda
Locality Khan Younis Refugee Camp
Locality Khushna
Locality Kasla
Office Khan Yunis Governorate
Locality Khuzaa
People Kassis, Nabil
Locality Kharas
Locality Kibbutz Gat
Locality Katif
Locality Kharayib Um al-Lahim
Locality Kibbutz Merhavya
Locality Kaubar
Locality Kharbata
Locality Kifl Haris
Locality Kawfakha
Locality Kharbatha al-Misbah
Document & map King-Crane Commission on Syria and Palestine
Locality Kawkab Abu al-Heija
Locality Kharbatha Bani Harith
Locality Kinneret (Moshava)
Locality Kawkab al-Hawa
Locality Kharuba
Locality Kinneret (Qevuza)
Locality Kawkaba
Locality Khas
Locality Kinneret Group
Locality Kedar
People Khashaan, Ali
Locality Kirad al-Baqqara
Locality Kedumim
Locality Khashem Adaraj
Locality Kirad al-Ghannama
Locality Kefar Adummim
Locality Khashem al-Karem
Locality Kiryat Amal
Locality Kefar Aharon
People Khater, Hasan
Locality Kiryat Anavim
Locality Kefar Ahim
People Khatib, Ghassan
Locality Kiryat Arba
Locality Kefar Atta
Locality Khawalid
Locality Kiryat Atta
Locality Kefar Aviv
Locality Khayma
Locality Kiryat Bialik
Locality Kefar Avoda
Locality Kheroshewesh wa al-Hadidiya
Locality Kiryat Eqron
Locality Kefar Azar
Locality Khirbat Abdallah al-Yunis
Locality Kiryat Gat
Locality Kefar Azza
Locality Khirbat Abu Anqar
Locality Kiryat Haroshet
Locality Kefar Barukh
Locality Khirbat Abu Falah
Locality Kiryat Malakhi
Locality Kefar Bialik
Locality Khirbat al-Aqrabaniya
Locality Kiryat Motzkin
Locality Kefar Bilu
Locality Khirbat al-Aziz
Locality Kiryat Netafim
Locality Kefar Bin Nun
Locality Khirbat al-Buwyra
Locality Kiryat Ono
Locality Kefar Blum
Locality Khirbat al-Damun
Locality Kiryat Shaul
Locality Kefar Brandeis
Locality Khirbat al-Der
Locality Kiryat Shlomo
Locality Kefar Daniel
Locality Khirbat al-Duhriya
Locality Kiryat Shmona
Locality Kefar Darom
Locality Khirbat al-Hijra
backgrounder Kiryat Shmona
Locality Kefar Etzion
Locality Khirbat al-Hiqab
Locality Kiryat Tivon
Locality Kefar Gallim
Locality Khirbat al-Karmah
Locality Kiryat Yam
Locality Kefar Gannin
Locality Khirbat al-Lawz
Locality Kiryat Yearim
Locality Kefar Gidon
Locality Khirbat al-Majd
Locality Kiryat Yearim Institute
Locality Kefar Giladi
Locality Khirbat al-Manara
Locality Kisan
Locality Kefar Glikson
Locality Khirbat al-Mansura
Locality Kisra-Sumei
Locality Kefar Habad
Locality Khirbat al-Mazar
Locality Kissufim
Locality Kefar HaHoresh
Locality Khirbat al-Misbah
Office Knesset Committee for Immigration, Absorption, & Diaspora Affairs
Locality Kefar Haim
Locality Khirbat al-Nabi al-Yas
Locality Kokhav HaShahar
Locality Kefar HaMakkabi
Locality Khirbat al-Qubeiba
Locality Kokhav Mikhael
Locality Kefar HaNagid
Locality Khirbat al-Sarkas
Locality Kokhav Yaaqov
Locality Kefar Hananya
Locality Khirbat al-Sikkah
Locality Kokhav Yair
Locality Kefar HaNasi
Locality Khirbat al-Tarramah
Locality Korazim
Locality Kefar HaNoar HaDati
Locality Khirbat al-Tayiba
Document & map Kouchner and Moratinos: When will the Palestinian state exist?
Locality Kefar HaOranim
Locality Khirbat al-Umur
Locality Kudna
Locality Kefar Harif
Locality Khirbat Asala
Locality Kufair
Locality Kefar HaRoe
Locality Khirbat Beit Amra
Locality Kufeirat
Locality Kefar Haruv
Locality Khirbat Beit Far
Locality Kufr Bada Refugee Camp
Locality Kefar HaShoresh
Locality Khirbat Beit Lid
Locality Kum
Locality Kefar Hasidim Alef
Locality Khirbat Deir Razih
Locality Kunayisa
Locality Kefar Hasidim Bet
Locality Khirbat Ibthan
Locality Kur
Locality Kefar Hess
Locality Khirbat Isim Allah
People Kurd, Ahmed Harb
Locality Kefar Hittim
Locality Khirbat Karazah
Locality Kureisa
Locality Kefar Hoshen
Locality Khirbat Khuzaa
Locality Kurza
Locality Kefar Kish
Locality Khirbat Lid
Locality Kuseife
Locality Kefar Maimon
Locality Khirbat Nazlet Zeid
Locality Kuwaikat
Locality Kefar Malal
Locality Khirbat Qeis
Locality Kuziba
Locality Kefar Marmorek
Locality Khirbat Qumbaza
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