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Israeli localityIsraeli districtIsraeli regionIsraeli office or organization 
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Locality Sa Nur
Locality Sede Boqer
Locality Shetulim
Locality Saad
Locality Sede David
Locality Shezor
People Saad Eddin, Saad Eddin Rahman
Locality Sede Eliezer
Locality Shffeyah
People Saadat, Ahmed
Locality Sede Eliyahu
Locality Shhim Refugee Camp
Locality Saar
Locality Sede Hemed
Locality Shibbolim
Locality Sabalan
Locality Sede Ilan
Locality Shibli
Locality Sabastiya
Locality Sede Moshe
Locality Shihda wa Hamlan
Locality Sabbarin
Locality Sede Nahum
Locality Shilat
People Sabra, Hiyam Younis
Locality Sede Nehemya
Locality Shilo
Locality Saeer
Locality Sede Nizzan
Locality Shilta
Locality Safa
Locality Sede Terumot
Locality Shima
Locality Safad
Locality Sede Uzziyahu
Locality Shimshit
Governorate or Local Council Safad
Locality Sede Warburg
Locality Shizzafon
Locality Saffa
Locality Sede Yaaqov
Locality Shoeva
Locality Saffarin
Locality Sede Yitzhaq
Locality Shoham
Locality Saffuriya
Locality Sede Yoav
Locality Shokat al-Sufi
Locality Safiriya
Locality Sede Zeevi
Locality Shomera
Locality Safsaf
Locality Sedot Mikha
Locality Shomeriya
Locality Saida
Locality Sedot Yam
Locality Shoqeda
People Saidam, Sabri
Locality Segev
Locality Shorashim
Locality Saidan
Locality Segev-Shalom
Locality Shoresh
Locality Sair
Locality Segulla
Locality Shoshannat HaAmaqim (Ammidar)
Locality Sajad
Locality Seida
Locality Shoshannat HaAmaqim (Rassco)
Locality Sajur
People Seitz, Charmaine
Locality Shoval
Locality Sakhina & Nir David
Locality Senir
People Shraim, Fiza Ahmed
Locality Sakhna Refugee Camp
Locality Seorim
People Shtayyeh, Muhammad
Locality Sakhnin
Document & map Separate and Unequal, Human Rights Watch, December 2010
Locality Shufa
People Salah, Munther
backgrounder Settlements
Locality Shufat
Locality Salama
Locality Shaab
Locality Shufat Refugee Camp
People Salama, Muna Hussein
Locality Shaal
Locality Shuhada
People Salameh, Yusef
Locality Shaalvim
Locality Shuna
Locality Salbit
Locality Shaar Efrayim
Locality Shuqba
People Saleh, Mariam
Locality Shaar HaAmaqim
Locality Shuva
Locality Salem
Locality Shaar HaGolan
Locality Shuweika
People Salem, Adla Muhammad
Locality Shaar Menashe
Locality Shuyukh
Locality Salfit
Locality Shaara & Omer
Locality Shuyukh al-Arrub
Governorate or Local Council Salfit
Locality Shaare Tikva
People Siam, Ibrahim
Locality Salhab
People Shaath, Nabil
People Siam, Said
Locality Saliha
People Shaban, Aziza Abdel
People Siam, Amal Mohammed
Locality Salihiya
People Shabat, Muhammad Moussa
Locality Sifsofa
Locality Salim
Locality Shabiha Refugee Camp
Publication Signed, Sealed, Delivered: Israeli Settlement and the Peace Process
Locality Salim
Locality Shabtin
Locality Sikka
People Salim, Dalal Hasan
Locality Shadmot Devora
Locality Silat al-Dahr
Locality Salit
Locality Shadmot Mehola
Locality Silat al-Harithiya
Locality Sallama
Locality Shafa Amr
Locality Silwad
Locality Samakh, Massada, Shara HaGolan
Locality Shafir
Locality Silwad Refugee Camp
Locality Samakiya
People Shafran, Kaveh
Locality Silwan
People Samana, Najat Othman
Locality Shaghor
backgrounder Silwan
People Samandar, Issa
Locality Shahar
People Simhon, Shalom
Locality Samar
Locality Shaharut
Locality Simsim
People Sami, Lena
People Shahin, Buthaina Muhammad
Locality Simya
Locality Samiriya
People Shahin, Kamil Suleiman
Publication Since Madrid: Israeli Confidence Destroying Measures in the Occupied Palestinian Territories
Locality Samra
People Shahin, Abdel Aziz
Locality Sindiyana
Locality Samu
Locality Shahma
Locality Sinjil
Locality Samui
Locality Shajara
People Sinokrot, Mazen
Locality Sanbariya
Locality Shaked
Locality Sir
Locality Sandala
Locality Shalwa
Locality Sirin
Governorate or Local Council Sanjak of Akko
Locality Shamaliyat al-Hawa
Locality Siris
Governorate or Local Council Sanjak of Beirut
People Shamasna, Hiyam Naji
Locality Sitriya
Governorate or Local Council Sanjak of Nablus
People Shamasna, Khitam Moussa
backgrounder Solutions for Israeli-Palestinian conflict
Locality Sanniriya
Locality Shamerat
Locality Somara
Locality Sansana
Locality Shamir
Locality Souf Refugee Camp
Locality Sanur
People Shamlawi, Nima Nawwaf
People Sourani, Zuhair
Locality Sappir
Locality Shani
Governorate or Local Council Southern District
Locality Saqiya
Locality Shaqed
Publication Soviet Jewish Immigration and Israeli Settlement in the West Bank and Gaza Strip
Locality Sara
Locality Sharafat
Locality Srigim - Lion
Locality Sarafand
People Sharief, Lubna
Document & map Statement by EU High Representative Catherine Ashton on conviction of human rights defender Abdallah Abu Rahma
Locality Sarafand al-Amar
Document & map Sharm el-Sheikh Memorandum on Implementation Timeline of Outstanding Commitments of Agreements Signed and the Resumption of Permanent Status Negotiations
Document & map Statement by High Representative/Vice-President Catherine Ashton on Gaza Flotilla
Locality Sarafand al-Kharab
Document & map Sharm El-Sheikh Summit concluding statement by President Bill Clinton
Document & map Statement by Middle East Quartet - August 2010
Locality Sarid
Locality Sharona
Document & map Statement by Middle East Quartet - February 5, 2011
Locality Saris
Document & map Sharp Increase in Demolitions and Displacement in the West Bank - July 2010
Document & map Statement by Middle East Quartet, March 12, 2010
Locality Sarona
Locality Sharsheret
Document & map Statement by Middle East Quartet, September 22, 2010
Locality Sarra
Office Shas
Document & map Statement by the Office of the Quartet Representative Tony Blair on the Flotilla Incident
Locality Sarta
Locality Shatila Refugee Camp
Document & map Statement by the United Nations Security Council on Israel action against aid flotilla heading for Gaza
People Sartawi, Ali Muhammad
Locality Shavei Shomron
Document & map Statement by U.S. President Donald Trump on Jerusalem
Locality Sasa
Locality Shavei Zion
Document & map Statement by US Consulate in Jerusalem on Free Gaza Flotilla
Locality Sataf
People Shawa, Azzam
Document & map Statement following the Israeli Security Cabinet meeting - Israeli Prime Minister Office
Locality Savyon
Locality Shawawra
Document & map Statement of John Holmes, UN Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator, on the Free Gaza Flotilla Crisis
Locality Sawafir al-Gharbiya
Locality Shawka al-Tahta
Document & map Statement of Proclamation of the Palestine Liberation Organization (1964)
Locality Sawafir al-Shamaliya
Locality Shear Yashuv
Document & map Statement of Quartet, March 19, 2010 with journalists' questions
Locality Sawafir al-Sharqiya
Locality Shedema
Locality Suba
Locality Sawahira al-Sharqiya
Locality Shefaram
Locality Suba
Locality Sawahira al-Sharqiya
Locality Shefayim
Locality Sufa
Locality Sawaid
Locality Shefer
Locality Sufla
Locality Sawalima
People Shehadeh, Jamil Hasan
Locality Suhmata
Locality Sawamir
Locality Sheikh Dannun
Locality Sulam
Locality Sawiya
backgrounder Sheikh Jarrah
Locality Sumayriya
Locality Saydun
Locality Sheikh Muwannis
Locality Summeil
Locality Sayyid
Locality Sheikh Saad
Locality Sur Bahir & Um Tuba
Locality Sayyid
backgrounder Shejaiyah crossing
Locality Sura
Locality Sbeineh Refugee Camp
Locality Shekhanya
Locality Surda
Locality Sderot
Locality Shelomi
Locality Sureij
backgrounder Second Intifada
Locality Sheluhot
Locality Surif
backgrounder Security (Palestinian)
Locality Sheqef
Locality Susiya
Locality Sede Avraham
Locality Shetula
Document & map Sykes-Picot Agreement
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