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OPT localityOPT governorateOPT regionPalestinian office or organizationillegal Israeli settlement
Israeli localityIsraeli districtIsraeli regionIsraeli office or organization 
Other localityOther governorateOther regionOther office or organization 
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Office Taal - Arab Movement for Renewal
Locality Tekuma
Office Third Way Party
Locality Tabaqa
Locality Tel
Locality Tiberias
Locality Tabgha
Locality Tel Adashim
Governorate or Local Council Tiberias
Locality Tabsur
Locality Tel al-Khashaba
People Tibi, Ahmed
Locality Taffuh
Locality Tel al-Safi
People Tibi, Jawad
Publication Tahdiyat il-Marhaliya il-Intiqaliya lil-Mijtimaa il-Filistini
Locality Tel al-Shawk
Locality Tidhar
Locality Taibeh
Locality Tel al-Sultan Camp
Locality Tifrah
Locality Tal
Locality Tel al-Turmus
Locality Tiinnik
Locality Tal El
Locality Tel Aviv
Locality Tilfit
Locality Tal Shahar
backgrounder Tel Aviv
Locality Timmorim
Locality Talbieh Refugee Camp
Governorate or Local Council Tel Aviv District
Locality Timrat
Locality Talfit
Locality Tel Liwinsky
Locality Tina
Locality Talluza
Locality Tel Mond
Locality Tira
Locality Talme Bilu
Locality Tel Qazir
Locality Tira
Locality Talme Elazar
Locality Tel Sheva
Locality Tira & Irgun Borokhov
Locality Talme Eliyahu
Locality Tel Teomim
Locality Tirat Karmel
Locality Talme Yafe
Locality Tel Tsur
Locality Tirat Shalom
Locality Talme Yehiel
Locality Tel Yizhaq
Locality Tirat Yehuda
Locality Talme Yosef
Locality Tel Yosef
Locality Tirat Zevi
Locality Talmon
Locality Telalim
Locality Tire
Locality Tammun
Locality Telamim
Locality Tirosh
Locality Tamra
Locality Telem
Locality Tivon
Locality Tamra
Document & map Televised Address by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in Response to U.S. Administration's Recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's Capital
Locality Tomer
Locality Tamra (Yizreel)
Locality Telfit
Locality Tor
Locality Tanf Border Crossing Refugee Camp
Locality Tene
People Toubasi, Ibrahim Ahmed
Locality Tannin
Document & map Tenet Cease-Fire
Publication Towards a State of Independence: The Palestinian Uprising, December 1987 - August 1988
Locality Taoz
Locality Tenuvot
Publication Tracking Palestinian Public Support for Armed Resistance During the Peace Process and its Demise
Locality Taqu
Locality Teqoa
Publication Tracking Palestinian Public Support Over 20 Years of the Oslo Agreements
Locality Tarabin As-Sani
Document & map Test Fadi
backgrounder Trade (Palestinian)
Locality Tarbikha
Locality Thabra
Document & map Treaty of Sevres
People Tarda, Iman Badar
Locality Thaghra
Document & map Trilateral Statement on the Middle East Peace Summit at Camp David
Locality Tarem
People Thbaita, Abdel Fattah
Locality Tsofit
Locality Tarim
People Thbaita, Mona Nafiz
Locality Tuba
Locality Tarqumiya
Publication The Best of Bitterlemons: Five Years of Writings from Israel and Palestine
Locality Tubas
Locality Tarraba
Document & map The Case of Sheikh Jarrah, UN OCHA, October 2010
Governorate or Local Council Tubas
Locality Tarrama
Document & map The Establishment and Expansion Plans of Maale Adumim Settlement
People Tubasi, Muhammad Salman
Locality Tarshiha & al-Kabri
Document & map The Impact of the Barrier on Health
Locality Tulail & al-Husseiniya
People Tartouri, Hussein
Publication The Intifada: An Overview of the First Two Years
Locality Tulkarem
Locality Tarum
Publication The Israeli Assassination Policy in the Aqsa Intifada
Governorate or Local Council Tulkarem
Locality Tarusa
Document & map The Kairos Palestine Document
backgrounder Tulkarem
Locality Tawas
Document & map The Map of Unrecognized Arab Bedouin Villages in the Negev (2006)
Locality Tulkarem Refugee Camp
Locality Tayasir
Office The National Religious Party - Mafdal
Locality Tuqu
Locality Taybe
Document & map The Palestinian 'Reconciliation' Maze
Locality Tura al-Gharbiya
Locality Taybe
Publication The Palestinian Council
Locality Tura al-Sharqiya
Locality Tayiba
Publication The Palestinian Council - updated 2nd Edition
Locality Turan
Locality Taytaba
Publication The Palestinian Education System
Document & map Turkel Commission Report - Report of the Public Commission To Examine the Maritime Incident of 31 May 2010
Locality Tayyiba
Document & map The Political Situation in Light of Developments with the US Administration and Israeli Government and Hamas’ Continued Coup d’etat (Erekat Paper)
Document & map Turkish Press Release on the Use of Force by the IDF Against the Humanitarian Fleet to Gaza
Locality Tayyiba & Bnei Brit
Publication The Reality of Jerusalem's Palestinians Today
People Turkman, Fakhri Musa
Locality Tayyiba Khirbat al-Amarir
Document & map The Sheikh Jarrah Affair - JIIS, November 2010
Locality Turmus Ayya
Locality Teashur
Publication The Stone and the Olive Branch: Four Years of the Intifada, from Jabalia to Madrid
Locality Tushiya
Locality Tefahot
Document & map The Underpinnings of the Future Palestinian State: Sustainable Growth and Institutions
Locality Tuval
Locality Tekoa
Locality Thikrin
Locality Tuwani
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