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last updated Jan. 18, 2010
published Jan. 3, 1999
Poll No. 31 Part I, March 1999 - On Palestinian Attitudes Towards Politics
Read more:  final status, Oslo accords, negotiations, Palestinian Legislative Council, Palestinian Authority, governance, elections, Palestinian politicians, factions, law, judicial system, courts, public opinion
Summary: Introduction

JMCC's latest poll is a study on the stance of the Palestinian people regarding important and sensitive political issues, such as Israeli elections, executions, the justice system in Palestine and the future of the Palestinians should the peace process come to a dead end. It also deals with the position of the Palestinian people towards the relationship between the PA and the opposition and it concentrates on the quality and level of religious trends among Palestinians. Following is a summary of the most important findings:

• Half of the Palestinian people (50.2%) do not see any difference between the Likud and Labor Parties, while a minority (24.5%) expects an improvement in the political situation if the Labor Party wins.

• The majority of the Palestinian people (70.7%) support a national coalition government; the majority (67.6%) believe there is a possibility for cooperation between Fateh and Hamas; the majority (81%) believe in including Hamas in a national salvation authority.

• (63.9%) of the Palestinian people will increase their support for the PA if Islamic Shari'a law is implemented.

• The majority (56%) oppose the return to armed resistance in the current situation; (35.7%) support it; (66.5%) oppose suicide operations and see them as harmful while (26.1%) support them in the current circumstances.

• In case of the failure of the peace process where it reaches a dead end, the minority (18.3%) support the idea of one state (in all of Palestine) while the majority (63.5%) support the establishment of an Islamic state in all of Palestine if the peace process fails.

• The issue of Jerusalem is the most important issue according to the majority of Palestinians (46.2%) followed by the issue of settlements (30.8%) and then the refugees (14.8%).
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