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last updated Sept. 23, 2010
published Sept. 23, 2010
Poll No. 71, September 2010 - Peace and negotiations
Read more:  peace process, negotiations, direct talks, religion, traditions, politicians, political figures, Mahmoud Abbas, Abu Mazen, public opinion
Summary: Peace & Negotiations

The results of the public opinion poll conducted by Jerusalem Media & Communications Center, which were published today, showed that a majority of the Palestinians (54.3%) believes that the Palestinian acceptance to resume the peace negotiations serves the Palestinian interests, although at the same time a majority of Palestinians (58.8%) said the Palestinian acceptance of the Quartet Committee’s request to resume the negotiations came because of external pressure. A ratio of 34.2% said the Palestinian acceptance to resume negotiations was due to the belief that there is a possibility to make these negotiations succeed.

The poll, which was conducted during the period September 11-15, 2010 in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, included a random sample of 1,200 respondents. A majority of the respondents (55.7%) said no major changes will occur on the current status quo as a result of the negotiations compared with a ratio of 38.3%, who believe that the negotiations will result in major changes.

Confidence in the US Administration
It seems that the resumption of the US diplomatic efforts has not led to a major improvement in the view towards the US among the Palestinian people as the ratio of Palestinians, who note improvement in the US diplomatic performance towards the Middle East issues, rose from 10.1% in April 2010 to 13.9% in this poll.

Negotiations & Resistance

In general, a majority of Palestinians (52.9%) believes that the negotiations are the most effective strategy for the Palestinians in order to achieve their national goals compared with a ratio of 25.7% who said that violent resistance is the best method while a ratio of 15.7% said non-violent resistance is the most effective strategy.

Within the same context, a majority of the Palestinians (52%) said the recent military operation that led to the killing of four settlers near Hebron harms the Palestinian national interests while a ratio of 25.6% said the operation serves the Palestinian national interests.

Political Parties and Leaders

The poll shows that the ratio of confidence in President Abbas went up from 14.8% last April to 19% this September while Ismail Haniyeh maintained his second rank with Marwan Barghouthi coming in third. They are followed by Salam Fayyad, Muhammad Dahlan and Mustafa Barghouthi.

With regard to the political factions, the rate of confidence in Fatah Movement rose from 36.2% last April to 40.7% this September. Hamas came in second place with a confidence ratio of 13.2%.The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) obtained the third place with a ratio of 2.9%, followed by the Palestinian National Initiative (Al-Mubadarah) with 2.0%. A ratio of 30.8% of the Palestinians said they do not trust any faction.

Mass Media and Source of News
The poll, which was conducted immediately after the Holy Month of Ramadan, showed that the majority of Palestinians (33.9%) watched MBC TV Station followed by Palestine TV Station with a ratio of 9.8% and Al-Jazeera TV Station came in third place with a ratio of 9%. Abu Dhabi TV Station came in fourth place and Al-Aqsa TV Station came in fifth place. When asked about the TV Station that people watch to get news, a majority of Palestinians (54.2%) said they watch Al-Jazeera TV Station for news while a ratio of 15.7% watch Al-Arabeyah TV Station while a ratio of 7.8% watch Palestine TV Station.

With regard to the radio stations, a slight majority (10.8%) said they listen to Ajyal Radio Station more than any other station while a ratio of 5.8% listens to Al-Quds Radio Station and a ratio of 5.2% listens to Al-Aqsa Radio Station. A ratio of 4.4% listens to Marah Radio Station and 4.3% listen to Voice of Palestine. With regard to the source of news, Ajyal Radio Station came in first place as the main source of news with a ratio of 10.2% followed by Al-Aqsa Radio Station. Voice of Israel came in third place followed by Voice of Palestine.

Performance of the Government and the President

With regard to the performance of Mahmoud Abbas as PA President, the poll results showed that the ratio of Palestinians who are satisfied with the way he is running the PA affairs rose from 48.6% last April to reach 53.9% in this poll.

The poll shows increase in views of Palestinians who feel that security and safety have improved under the Palestinian government headed by PM Salam Fayyad to reach 50.7% this September compared with 43.7% last April. At the same time, the poll noted that less Palestinians believe that security and safety have improved in the Gaza Strip from 32.4% last April to reach 30.2% this September.
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