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last updated Dec. 15, 2014
published Oct. 29, 2014
Poll No. 82, October 2014 - After the Gaza War
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Public Opinion poll conducted by the Jerusalem Media and Communications Center
After the war: limited retreat in trust in Fatah, increased trust in Hamas
After a small setback in his popularity: President Abbas is still the most trusted personality
Majority supports leadership going to the UN
Majority: Salaries of Gaza government civil servants is responsibility of the National Consensus Government
‘ISIS’ harms the Palestinian cause
Minority supports US mediation in negotiations

A public opinion poll conducted by the Jerusalem Media and Communications Center (JMCC) between the 15th and 19th of October 2014 showed that the war achieved the interests of the Palestinian people and increased support for armed struggle and Hamas. It decreased support for negotiations and for Fatah. The majority of those polled, 53.4%, said the war achieved the Palestinian people’s interests, while 21.8% said it harmed their interests.  Meanwhile, the percentage of those who support military operations against Israeli targets increased from 31.5% before the war in April, 2014 to 42.7% after the war in October, 2014. The war seems to have caused an increase in the popularity of Hamas at the expense of Fatah.  The percentage of trust in Hamas increased from 16.8% in April, 2014, before the war, to 25.7% in October 2014, after the war.

It is apparent from the poll results that the war resulted in a slight setback in the majority percentage which supports a resumption of negotiations, from 54.7% in April, 2014 before the war, to 52.4% in October of this year.

Trust in Fatah also dropped from 41.7% before the war to 35.1% after the war, even though President Abbas retained his position as the most trusted Palestinian personality. Still, the level of trust dropped from 25.2% in April, 2014 before the war, to 23.3% in October of the same year. In contrast, the level of trust in Ismail Haniyeh rose from 13.5% before the war to 17.9% after the war.
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